10 books that helped me

Felling a bit ‘listy’ lately, so here is one of 10 books that really helped shape my life and startup philosophy in the past few years. Of course this list is non-exhaustive and in no particular order.

  1. The alchemist
  2. Purple cow
  3. The intelligent investor
  4. A random walk down Wall st.
  5. 22 laws of marketing
  6. A whole new mind
  7. The clue train manifesto
  8. The cashflow quadrant
  9. The long tail
  10. Outliers

What books have shaped you?



    1. Holy wow – how did I forget the Art of the Start – actually I really should ahve that in my top 3. it unlearned me on the corporate thinking and entrepreneurialised me.

      Also I should add ‘Getting Real’ by 37 signals. Which was of the same ilk. Actually that’d be a good one for you Sean.


  1. “Letters to a Young Contrarian” by Christopher Hitchens.

    It’s had more impact on my approach to business and life than any book about entrepreneurship or personal development.

    The major points I carry are:
    – The value of being able to hold unusual, unpopular opinions
    – The importance of understanding the arguments of those you oppose just as deeply as those you support
    – “It’s not what you think but *how* you think that matters”
    – The importance of travel.

  2. Masters of Doom by David Kushner. It learned me that simple massive commitment to your idea and hard work is the key for success.

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