Moving to ‘open’

The world is quickly moving to ‘open’ whether we like it or not. Companies that lean this way will invariably do better than those that lean to ‘secret’. It is also important to know that our philosophy can’t be segmented. It is a cultural decision.

Which way is your organization leaning?



  1. The Cluetrain Manifesto was talking about this a decade ago! Although, it is still a big shake up in thinking – especially when I used to be a PR guy who loved misleading journalists for a living!

  2. Steve, where’s the proof? It’s rare to see you make an argument without some form of evidence. I know it’s lazy to use the Android/Apple example, but everything happening in that market seems to suggest entirely the opposite – ‘secret’ is where the profit is.


  3. James,

    It’s more a view point on the future, more than a fact on the present.

    That said, I would add these thoughts:

    – People are sharing more of what they do. They expect the same from companies.
    – People have super computers in their pocket – they can expose anything and everything they choose to that the whole world can see if it warrants being spread.
    – Wikileaks is hacking government in ways we never thought possible.
    – China is opening where we know where everything is made and who makes it – think Alibaba
    – The most powerful software in the world is Linux based and open and free to all.

    This is the type of stuff that stimulated the comment.


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