Top 10 reasons for outsourcing digital work

Here’s startup blogs top 10 reasons for outsourcing digital work offshore. Which we do for some work at rentoid with great success. I’m hoping the naysayers, will see by the end of this post as to why it is ethical as well.

  1. It’s an efficient resource allocation
  2. It increases the wealth of the service provider (the person overseas)
  3. It increases the wealth of the offshore country
  4. it facilitates cross cultural interchange and understanding
  5. Makes it possible for ‘non techies’ to start a ‘tech based’ business
  6. Can be the difference which makes a startup idea financially viable
  7. It stimulates greater innovation in the tech sector by creating a greater intellectual resource pool
  8. It invents ‘time’ so people can bootstrap a business while continuing other employment
  9. The outsourced work is not dangerous – we are not sending kids down a mine or employing child labour.
  10. Add your reason in the comments!

Get out there and outsource, make conections, make stuff happen and make new global friends to boot!

5 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons for outsourcing digital work

  1. I’d be interested in hearing the same thought in a years time when rentoid has grown and evolved. A common criticism of outsourced code is that it is of low quality, if you are a ‘non tech’, how are you to know until it’s too late?

    Of course you never get to the ‘too late’ phase without having a product to begin with – the cost of low quality code (if that does turn out to be a problem) may be worth it because you got your idea off the ground.

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