I recently met Kim Chen from tjoos at Startup Camp Melbourne. Smart girl.

The thing that impressed me the most was her business card. Job Title = Goddess of Revenue. Love it.

So it’s a bit hard to read above, but being a ‘Goddess of Revenue’ says so much. The first thing it says is that Kim ‘gets it’. It says she knows that fun is important, but revenue is vital.

Then on the flipside is more useful stuff.

The kind of stuff which just maybe gives her a permanent place in someones wallet or purse. A good chunk of simple, yet useful information.

It’ll be handy next time in Sydney on business…. and her simple business card made me remember Kim, it even got her a story on this here blog.

If we are going to the trouble of printing business cards – we should make it worth remembering.


  1. That’s a brilliant idea. The kind of idea that many people would say to themselves ‘why didn’t I think of it’ – coz you didn’t. I am surprised not to have seen it before though as it is very simple and since I seem to collect and hoard mountains of cards.

    I agree cards should be memorable and as my product can be difficult to describe I have an image of it on my card as well as a couple of design triggers to further reinforce the memory.

    I also believe that investing in great design for business cards is the cheapest and easiest way to make a great or memorable impression for you and your business.

    For those who like business card design check out this list of ’70 amazing business cards’



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