Bono says

Circa 1992 on MTV across 4 big, no 4 massive TV screens U2 lead singer Bono was asked what ‘Zoo TV’ was all about. His reply:


“It’s about the chaos of choice.” Poignant.


Start ups ought listen to Bono – and avoid the chaos. 


3 thoughts on “Bono says

  1. Order out of chaos! I love this concept, it seems to sum up my life, both at home and in marketing! Good for Bono!

  2. I have a problem here!

    Do I listen to Bono and talk his advice? He certainly has lots to say. To everyone. About everything. Always profound. An expert on world poverty. The man is – in his own mind – a sage. That’s Bono the philosopher.

    Or – do I do as Bono does? Structure my businesses so that I avoid paying taxes locally in my home country, but tell the Government that they need to do more about world poverty. Of course if the Government had more by way of a tax take from all it’s citizens…….That’s Bono the business man.

    A truely moral dilemma! That’s Bono the enigma!

  3. Frank – great comment.

    Thanks for giving me (us) the heads up some Bono truisms. There’s never a shortage of hypocrisy abound with philanthropy…

    I guess Bono’s choice’s also are a result of the chaos of all things available including avoiding tax – because he can.

    So I’ll just say – avoiding the chaos of choice is good. Acting like Bono, is another thing all together.

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