Once upon a time I thought it would be a good use of my time doing an MBA. I was quite into my ‘career’ and thought that this would enhance it.

It still can in enhance career prospects in some organizations. But before you embark on upwards of a $30,000 investment and 3 years of your spare time consider this. MBA’s are only a ticket to the ball game, and if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur this ticket is not required.


The fact is MBA’s were designed for management with a non business undergraduate degree to enhance their business acumen. They are essentially undergraduate course work regurgitated. Add to this the fact that everyone in conglomerate X already has one and the point of difference it once provided has disappeared.

In a web 2.0 world marketing & entrepreneurship are moving so fast, University course work simply can’t keep up. I think we’re better off following todays leading thinkers (all of which have blogs) and taking a vocation of business related learning. If you really want to stand out, learn another language, learn how to build an e-commerce website, be a leading thinker on social trends

By the way, the name is a giveaway: Master of Business Administration, not Master of Business Strategy… and who wants to become an administrator?

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  1. Stephen

    That’s exactly the point Ben. You can learn organisational values, in your organisation. If you want to learn to be an investor, or entrepreneur…. they don’t teach that in school. Doing, mentorship and specific study will ensure you eat any MBA for breakfast.

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