Bigger than the internet – 3D Printing

3D printing is really starting to blow my mind. As far as I can tell it is taking the information we are currently living through and making it physical. It’s the missing link. The start of being able to create everything from nothing – ephemeralization. Converting the first 20 elements into stuff, by organizing information, ones and zeros. About 20 years from now, you’ll remember talk about 3D printing, the same way we remember hearing stuff about a connected world through computers in the mid 1980’s. I think it will be more disruptive and bigger than the internet.

In order to just make sure you are across what is happening here’s the most famous Youtube Clip about 3D printing which is from the Discovery channel. In the coming weeks I’ll be posting a large article about all the implications on the world. And before you watch the clip below here is a list of some things that have already been printed by such machines:

Bicycles, cars, tools with moving parts, furniture, drone aircraft and even balls bearings.

It’s coming and it is going to change everything.



Innovation never ends

I happened upon this video (being a surfer and all) and was totally inspired by the product innovation. In real terms it is innovation at its core:

Problem – Solution.

They had to find and invent the technology to solve the problem. Rather than having some technology they were trying to find a use for. The video is worth watching, as the lesson is one any and everyone can take heed from.

It also reminds me that innovation will never end. Just when we thought the wetsuit solved all the problems it could (cold water / sunburn, wax rash) a human need takes it to the next level. Just like Bucky said: eventually we’ll be able to create everything from nothing.


Big props goes out to Billabong. If I was running Ripcurl, or a surfing startup, I’d be working on a wetsuit with an oxygen pouch!