The Great Fragmentation – my new book

I’ve had a lot of stuff buzzing around my head for the last few years. My local readers get their share when we have coffee. Recently I’ve put together a manifesto from my mind in the form of my debut book: The Great Fragmentation – why the future of business is small

It is being published with Wiley and comes out mid July. Here’s a picture of the cover below and below that I’ve got some offers for readers of startup blog.


The reasons I wrote the book was that it was my view that most of the business books these days are too thin. They have a single idea and just tell a number of stories and examples around that idea. I feel like the revolution we are living through is much bigger than that. I felt as though we needed a business survival manifesto. Something which assesses the entire change in the business landscape – not just a trend inside of it. My view is that all the barriers to entry are being removed. That there is a dramatic power shift happening. An industry and by industry fragmentation which can’t be avoided and must be embraced. That the playing field is being equalised because technology almost has it’s own agenda. And that agenda is to become cheaper, smaller, more distributed and more powerful – with humans as the beneficiaries, not necessarily corporations. But mostly this book is the intersection, of Anthropology, Technology and how these forces shape the Business world. You can read a little blurb about it here, or even pre-order a copy here. While I can’t be sure if this will be a best seller, I can guarantee you it will be a best reader!

If you haven’t already signed up to my blog via email, you can sign up to updates on the book (and other projects) by clicking here. Before the book is released I’ll have advance copies and other cool resources for your startup / business. These resources will be crazy good & available only to those who signed up. (including a couple of world firsts).

I really look forward to the scary part of hearing your feedback on my 200+ pages of having nowhere to hide and instead say: ‘This is what I believe, I hope you got something valuable from it’.


9 thoughts on “The Great Fragmentation – my new book

  1. Steve, I don’t impress easily.
    Your thoughts on business are very ‘outside the box’
    I would tend to agree except that big business will fight tooth and nail to stay alive.
    Big business pervades cultures to make the culture thinks they can’t survive without the big business.
    Back in the early 1900’s a book was written.
    Today we know it as “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.
    Back when it first came out about 180 copies were given to many of the most affluent business giants of the day.
    As the story goes, Henry Ford was enraged.
    He went and collected up and burned as many as he could get a hold of and forced Hill to rewrite the book.
    His fear was, “If people had that knowledge, who will work in my factories?”, was his cry.
    You could be the next ‘Hill’
    I am looking forward to the book.
    Best of luck to you!

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