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Today I noticed an outdoor advertisement for the local lotto here in Australia.

Their New Years Eve lotto draw: 31 Million Megadraw. Cleverly placed on the 31st of December.

It got me thinking about what people are really buying. I don’t think it is the chance to win. I don’t even think people are buying into hope. I think people are outsourcing their worries – they are buying the right to imagine what it could be like.

There are a lot of what I call non-products that people buy. Products and services which have no ‘real utility’. In this instance, lotto, they have bought some time to imagine the possibilities. But in some ways we could do this without the ticket… because the reality is we are not going to win.

I wonder what other Non Products fit into this category?


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  1. Michaelc

    I bought my tickets at , and I feel like
    I got an actual product. Using a mathematical formula I purchased a range of tickets covering a spread of numbers based on eudong a group of numbers deemed to have the least likely chance of coming up. The nice people at Netlotto then sent me my tickets.
    Not outsourcing my worries. Having a punt !

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