10 'just because' projects

I’ve been thinking about a few different projects I’d like to do. Which at this stage have no real revenue or business associated with them, other than I find them interesting. I thought I’d list them here to see if anyone has similar crazy ‘just because’ projects. Maybe these fun crazy things are what we should be doing and building, instead of working out what other people want. Maybe the thing that really matters is what we want. Either way here they are;

  1. Take a year to fly to every commercial Airport in the world – without a break. yes, including living in planes and airports for a full 12 months. Document it and what happens for some reason. Find interesting stuff and people. See what happens. Film it. Socialize it on live digital media. Find something no one has ever thought of or seen. Just because.
  2. Live for a year only on food that is grown at home. Vegetables and animals. Cook using only wood and home made ovens. Every bit of food that goes in my mouth I will have grown, baked, killed cooked and created. Document it all. Just because.
  3. Walk around the entire coastline of Australia. Beach by beach, headland by headland. 25,760 km’s of it. Learn something. Document it…. Just because.
  4. Make a short film. Without any false ambitions of becoming the next Tarantino. Just to create. Be part of it. Just because.
  5. Renovate a house. Yes, a totally dilapidated 100 year old timber home. To see what my eye and hands can really make when they collaborate. Build a house my family can live in, be safe in, grow together in. Take time out and do this. A non Grand Design for me and my people. Just because.
  6. Start a cult. Just to see if we can make a positive one. A cult of good. To see if I could lead people in such a way that they live for the cause, but to flip it. To make the cause about fixing broken shit in the world….Like the banking system and the 1%. Just because.
  7. Be a used car salesman. mainly because I think it would be really, really hard. To see how I could sell in a difficult environment. To test my skills, and see what I could learn to take into my future. To be the most untrusted person in the commercial world. To be that guy. The be that guy and see how I handle myself and what I become. Just because.
  8. Coach A little league team. Pass on some skills, about the game, and maybe about life. Teach some youngsters stuff that matters – have am impact on their attitude without them even knowing. See how it feels to help out the people who will inherit our world. Just because.
  9. Live in a tropical paradise. Mainly to remove the myth or confirm it. A place where little money is needed, the weather is always warm and technology and financial growth are irrelevant. Find out out if the picture of paradise is real or perceived. Stay forever if it is real. Just because.
  10. Join a street gang. A real underworld style gang. Think East L.A. Get dirty and down and be part of something bigger than me that is from the opposite side of town. Learn their rules and play by them. Deal, steal and destroy. See if the emotional roller coaster is the same, or different. See if I like it more or less. Understand the plight and political machinations of a crime organization from the inside. Draw the analogies and comparisons to the legal world – find out the truth. Just because.

Sometimes we need to embark on startup projects, that aren’t really startups…. Just because.


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  1. Daniel

    Nice list. We share number 2, 4, and 9 in common.

    Here are some of my own:

    1. Design a business model that is 100% sustainable, ethical, and truly human, for a mega-corporation. Just because I believe real business value is not about profits at expense of people, but when the greater good is pursued, we all profit. Another way of looking at it is, not to have a CSR plan, but to be built on CSR.

    2. Be a personal trainer and nutritionist. Because a lot of people and close friends have the best intentions for their health, but following conventional wisdom is doing nothing but adding inches to their waste line and causing illness.

    3. Write a book. Probably allegorical fiction, or non-fiction. About holistic living. Because a compartmentalised life spent pursuing and consuming things is, at the end of the day, quite hollow.

    4. Spend a year in a developing country with my wife and child teaching and helping build / finance grass roots businesses. Because what’s good for them is good for us, and it’s important for everyone, especially children to learn to give.

    I’m sure I have more scribbled down at home somewhere.

  2. TDV

    Cheers Steve – good to hear originality after a shite days work.

    The airport one makes me laugh : )

    I think 2 would give you (us) a greater respect for the quatity of food produced modern farming methods (not all good)

    11 – join an urban exploring gang? I’m joining these guys – http://www.caveclan.org/ – to break the drudgery.

  3. alex

    I made one! Living in a real tropical paradise for 1 year. Last February I moved from Milan (IT) to Hawaii: I quit my job (was a mktg mng in FMCG) and I left everything to make my dream real. I am still here and I can tell you guys that leaving in paradise is great for a while, but not for ever. Not for me, at least.

  4. tehnyit

    The uses car sales man is would be a real tough one for me. For same reason, I am not too scared of being a real estate agent, even though they share similar reputation.

    Great post! Definitely food for thought.

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