Theatre at Transaction – Der Raum

Recently I ended up at a bar late at night. It’s a revered place called De Raum. It’s been well covered on the web so I’m not going to give a review of it here. What I will do instead is tell you the story of the ‘Teachers Reserve’. And how this business justifies an ultra price premium.

I asked the bar tender for something sweet, to help take the edge off after a heavy day – something night cap-ish. He said;

“I know just the thing. The Teachers Reserve. For those moments when you’ve done all you can, when the days been hard, and it’s time to reflect, quietly and possibly have a conversation in your own head. It’s not exactly social, but poignant.”

He then made up the drink and presented it in a manner which will make sense when you see the photo essay below. He furtively passed me the book, while he looked in the other direction – as if to say: ‘let this be our little secret’.

Classic theatre at transaction. I was delighted, and I didn’t mind paying the $25 for it.


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  1. Justine Bloome

    How amazing is @derraum? My fave bar since moving to Melb 8 y/ago. Going this Friday eve u should come see the Bees Knees theatre. #experiences count.

    Justine Bloome (@inbloome via twitter)

  2. Steve Sammartino

    It is definitely a novelty location. But small enough for that to be it’s shtick – for tourists and special occasions. I think the example I provide here is 100% perfect execution for such an audience / market.


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