2 philosophies

If success at your current location is important. Then these two juxtaposed philosophies will serve you well.

When you are working in a big place, tell them what they want to hear.

When you are working in a small place, tell them the truth, even if it’s not what they want hear.


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  1. Steve Sammartino

    The philosophy is related to success in the environment…. not success as a person. Though, you could argue that the neither is possible without the presence of the latter.

    Basically, I’m saying – in big companies, people don’t want to hear reality…. This post was a contextual one on the realities of the world…

  2. Shannon

    It is a paradox, huh!

    .. and for the record I get- and concur- with the thrust of your thoughts.

    I agree that in big companies some people (i.e. those whose offices have corner views!) don’t (always) want to hear about the reality- but they (always) need to. Or the companies they lead will- eventually- die. Few will buck this rule in modern times. (Redux- Cluetrain)

    There are those who play the game, sleep their way to the top and ‘appear’ successful at work. And, as you suggest, if that ‘appearance’ is important to you- that is what you will do.

    But if it conflicts with your own values- and you spend your days trading your values for dollars, it is difficult to say you are successful, or ever will be. You can only trade like that for so long.

    And so can the organisations you work for.

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