Maxibon Manchew – Radvertising

This is the best advertising I’ve seen so far this year. Really love the concept and the execution. Made me hungry.


If you’re going to advertise your startup then I reckon we can learn something form the radvertising above. And the lesson is this:

Don’t get lost in the middle. Go as close the edge as possible. Make outrageous tongue in check claims and be hilarious, or be 100% authentic and truthful. Everything in the middle of either of these two extreme edges is simply, wallpaper.


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  1. samotage

    Nice advert samma.

    however, for me the flavour changed, when I looked it up, and found Peters, then Nestle behind it.

    Is ok to be totally on the edge and backed by a non-authentic corporate?


  2. Steve Sammartino

    I reckon they can – it’s packaged good that doesn’t pretend to be anything but a mass produced ice-cream that tastes pretty good. In their case they are on the edge of tongue in check funny, and not taking what they do too seriously.

    In my view authenticity is about not having knowing where you sit, rather than having to sit in a certain place.


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