Good stuff is not enough

Making really good stuff is not enough. We’ve got to be good as well. Good people. We’ve got to have a DNA encoded into our business which shows we stand for something that is wider than what we sell. I’m not talking about any of that Corporate Social Responsibility crap, or even triple bottom line reporting. I’m talking about caring enough to leave good things behind us in our trail. For the things we touch to be the same or better after we’ve been there.  And most of all, we need to make sure our trail is going to be good, before we carve the path that takes us forward.


3 Comments Good stuff is not enough

  1. Steve Sammartino

    never thought of the word ‘trail blazer’ and it does sound very rape and pillage… Maybe we should re-invent it to something which is less destructive?

    Any ideas for some new verbiage?


  2. Burl

    Blazing a trail doesn’t refer to rape and pillaging…it is about making a mark so that the trail can be followed. Future generations will follow our paths…which path do we want to guide them down?

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