Today I tweeted a little thought that we are all becoming entrepreneurs:

and then Jason asked me this:

… and here is what I think.

I think it’s great that we are entering an age where everyone can play. The richness of human life comes from the social fabric and the variety in personality and experience. When people enter a commercial world it’s impossible for their experiences, views and values not to emanate into their business. So the net result is a wider array of rich ideas and systems which can benefit real people rather than demographic aggregates. Smaller cohorts can be nimble and focus on pleasing the few. Some may even end up pleasing the many. The net result of the new low barrier world is a richer place to live in, both socially and economically.


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  1. Jason Berek-Lewis

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the tweet and the post. For me, the most exciting thing about the ‘everypreneur’ culture is that it’s removed the need for permission. I am not an entrepreneur, my parents are small business people but I wouldn’t call them entrepreneurs and I never even thought about anything entrepreneurial until last year – when I hit 36 and decided to pull my finger out…

    But, today… none of that matters. A switch flipped in my head last year and I am moving from being a wage slave/ cubicle resident to becoming an everypreneur: I have vision, I have skills and… really what is there to stop me? The barrier is gone: just like when the Rebels blew up the shield generator for the second Death Star 😉

  2. Alex Khor

    A level playing ground is great. It is exactly why I am planning my own corp escape. On a global scale however, I think the everypreneur culture is still in its infancy. Entrepreneurs and people who aspire to be one are probably the early adopters.

    Keeping in mind that not many will be willing to take the risk and brave the uncertainties ahead, there are still too many potentials out there. It’s interesting to be part of a growing culture, Exciting times ahead!

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