100,000 eyeballs for $8

If you want to know how to get your brand exposed to 100,000 people for $8 then we need look no further than what David did.

You may remember this post where David go his Jarritos soft drink van all branded up. Well, he took the next step in exposure and got to the AFL grand final early for a front row car park near the MCG for a measly $8. As far as I can tell it’s one of the greatest media investments of all time – there were 100,000 people in attendance. See photo journal below. Great startup bootstrapping David.

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  1. Andre Sammartino

    Road side parking near a variety of large intersections around town might yield a similar number of eyeballs (but you’d be competing with more advertising I suspect).

    You could certainly think about targetting specific consumers, for example:
    – a van promoting an organic food brand near a Farmers’ Market
    – a surf brand down the Great Ocean Road
    – gourmet food product/service on a wineries route
    – logistics services outside a post office

  2. Rex Hammock

    No offense, but your marketing math should include the amortization of van and customization costs ans the cost of operation of the vehicle. It’s an $8 idea only if one has a $25,000+ investment in such a vehicle. Also, it’s important that the vehicle stay washed every day (a lesson from UPS trucks) because every time someone sees even a slightly dirty truck w/ a food-oriented brand on it, they’ll associate the “un-cleaness” with the brand. In other words, there’s a lot of expense associated with capturing those $8, 100K eyeballs.

    That said, if one has such delivery trucks as a necessary expense of their business, the incremental expense of using it as described by your post and these comments are awesome.

    For years, near my home, I’ve passed by a shopping center parking lot where a retailer has chosen to park his/her similarly branded delivery van out by the street whenever not delivering — including on weekends. As the van is there during rush hours, it probably is seen by tens of thousands of commuters each week — with the kind of frequency that comes from day-after-day impressions.

    While the van driver probably has to walk a little farther to park the van next to the street, such inconvenience is the only price paid for a branding bonanza.

  3. Steve Sammartino

    Hey Rex, clearly the $8 comment is tongue in check – I get the accounting you describe…. the point was his van was already all signed up and he opportunistically parked it there.


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