Reasons for running a startup

There are many reasons people wan to run a startup.



Social justice

Sleeping in


Redefining work hours

Creating something

Answering to no-one

…… we must really think hard about our motivators. Then….

Choose wisely.


3 Comments Reasons for running a startup

  1. Josh Moore

    Couldn’t help but notice a key one that should be here but isn’t:

    To make a profit.

    Obviously it shouldn’t be all about the money but a profit is a motivator for a lot of people getting into business. Same for employees. A lot of them wouldn’t work if they didn’t get paid for it.

  2. Ross Floate

    Graphic designers almost always harbour a dream of leaving their place of work and hanging up their own shingle. Their stated reason is almost always that they want to be their own boss.

    I always tell them that if they want to start out they better understand that what they’re doing isn’t swapping one boss for none – it’s swapping one for dozens (possibly hundreds).

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