Salvage Bazaar

I’m really impressed with new Melbourne Startup

What is it? Salvage Bazaar is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell recycled and scrap building materials.

I’m impressed for a few reasons:

  • It’s a nice iteration for on line real estate market
  • It has strong eco / environmental credentials

It’s a very nice addendum  to the existing established real estate websites in most markets such as in Australia.

It also has a strong play with the move towards gentrification of housing in inner city areas, as well as green / eco requirements emerging in the architecture scene.

But here’s the kicker: the founder Kim Pannan, has never done anything in the tech space before in her life, not even blogging let alone founding, designing and building her own commercial web business. The bit I love is that Kim was a graduate from Startup School. So a feel a bit like a proud uncle.

If you want to learn to what Kim did – who incidentally bootstrapped Salvage Bazaar on very little money, then you might want to grab 1 of the 2 seats left at the Melbourne Startup School.

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  1. Kim Pannan

    Thanks Steve!! I must say, that Startup School has been hugely pivotal in helping me get Salvage Bazaar off the ground. I attended the School last November, with an idea in my head and a little G&D and now, thanks almost wholly to the incredibly valuable stuff we learned during that one weekend, I have now launched the site and am getting a really positive response. I think your course has proven so useful as it was very practical and provided a step-by-step of how to start a business informed by real-life experiences. The biggest bonus is the on-going support Steve has offered to all of us who attended the course. He is never too busy for a brain-jam over a coffee and a brownie which is so super helpful when you are stepping out on a limb! For anyone bursting to turn an idea into a reality, Startup School is really an amazing launch pad!

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