We only have one

There is no career, only life.

If we think of our life and career as separate entities, we’ve  got things terribly wrong. They are inextricably linked. If we want to be happy, we need to make sure what we spend our days doing is how we want our life to be.


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  1. Adam Kelly

    Hello Steve,

    I saw you on the 7.30 report.
    I am hoping to build an economical website and I was hoping to contact your contact in Mexico at ice.photo?
    I was wondering if you would be so kind as to give me her contact details so that I could ask her help?


    Adam Kelly

  2. Jussi Pasanen

    Good point, and exactly why I find the notion of ‘work/life balance’ terribly flawed. As if work was somehow outside one’s life.

    Jussi (@jopas via twitter)

  3. Samantha Bell

    right on!
    work-life balance = too hard…
    …so is the effort required to have a separate “work self”/facade vs who I am on the weekends.
    Thanks for leading the conversation!

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