Notes Page – Make it rad

As you know I’m running my startup school in Melbourne this weekend. we all know that boring stuff really sucks, so why do ‘note’s pages’ have to be boring as well. No reason. But every time I see a great presentation with excellent stimulous, there’s usually a blank page with no stimulous to write on. Not at startup school. Here’s our rad notes page below….

Cool notes page

It’s not too late to join us if you’re not doing anything this weekend and are in Melbourne – come along.



4 Comments Notes Page – Make it rad

  1. Frank Lehmann

    I like it, but I’m going to make my own version for my notes. I think it would be even better if it had more stuff on it like a big mind map.

    Frank Lehmann

  2. Dr J

    Love the paper. I felt very proud to see those coffee beans in the corner.

    I need to catch up again for a chat and to recharge my innovation batteries.

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