The importance of health

Today I can hardly move. I injured my back severely while surfing on the weekend, and pretty much had to crawl out of bed to get myself to a physician.

More than anything I deserve it. I have been neglecting my health recently. Finding  a reason not to go to the gym, putting off exercise and doing that little bit of extra work. Putting ‘that’ above ‘me’ is a bad mistake. It’s an immediate reminder of this: Without your health you have nothing. No amount of money or success can replace it.


If you want to start anything worth doing, start looking after yourself. Your health should be number 1 on the priority list at all times. Above any goal, any project or any material desire. And that means scheduling in exercise and eating well, regardless of what it must replace. If your job or startup is impacting your health, then you need to to quit and start something which is more complimentary to long term living.

Stay healthy.


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  1. Baishakhi Connor

    So true! As new entrepreneurs, my husband and I became absolute workaholics with no concern for taking meal-breaks or any breaks whatsoever while doing that extra little bit of work that woud take us that much closer to (or even beyond) our target for the day or week or month.. Only when both of us fell sick one after the other in quick succession we realised what a bad mistake that was. Now we’ve made some strict non-business hours for ourselves and stick to it – no matter what.

  2. Ian Kath

    I’m 100% in agreement with you on this one.

    I’m blessed with good genetics from both my parents side of the family (you can’t kill them with a brick) and for some reason I’ve been lucky not to fall foul of poor exercise and diet having learnt the lesson when only 23 when I couldn’t run 5 km. No crisis and I was still what would be called healthy, but it gave me the wake up that I needed to continue all my life to look after myself.

    Now at nearly 50 I see my contemporaries falling by the wayside and I’m glad that now it’s payoff time for me instead of me having to pay the ferryman. I’ll continue this all my life and I know that it will enable me to have a healthy dotage.

    I’ve been saying for years that I want to die healthy at a very old age.

    Hope you recover quickly to get back on your board Steve and like your business health is important and it all has to be in balance.

    … now that I have health it’s time for me to sort out business.

  3. Roberto Valle

    I agree, sometimes we don´t pay attention to our heath because we are consumed by school or our projects. Exercise and eating well gives the entrepreneur it requires. Not drinking a lot is also a good advise.
    Hope you get better soon and great blog by the way.

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