Idea vs Execution


For tonight’s heavy weight bout for the Boxing Entrepreneurship Championship of the world we have a much anticipated battle with:

“Excellent idea with Average execution”


“Average idea with Excellent execution”

After 10 rounds of fighting the undisputed defending champion of the world title belt was awarded to Average idea with excellent execution who has managed to defends the title for time in perpetuity. In fact Average idea with excellent execution has an unbeaten record versus all other challenges in too many matches to remember.

Startups – your idea isn’t nearly as important as you think it is.


17 thoughts on “Idea vs Execution

  1. Ahh much like my old favorite;

    “Awesome idea with SOME execution”


    “Awesome idea with NO execution”

    No but you’re right, execution is EVERYTHING.

    That’s why they call us EXECUTIVES.

    Keep punching above your weight range.


  2. Hi Steve – Very good point with this post. It’s all about the perspiration. One disclaimer I would add is “Warning: Everyone always thinks their idea is an excellent idea”

  3. But what shape is the distribution curve for ideas? Is it a bell curve with a big fat middle of viable opportunities? Or is it skewed such that there are more bad than good (or vice versa)?

    Surely, executability needs to part of the idea for it to be at least average…

    Great analogy irrespective…

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