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I have my personal mobile number published on the contact page. Crazy? Maybe. Yes I do get the occasional phone call from overseas at 3am – and I answer it bleary eyed, and turn on my laptop to help the rentoid member.

Here’s why I do it:

– I get instant feedback on what we need to do to improve rentoid

– I ask them how they found us

– I tell them things they not not know about rentoid to improve their experience

Importantly, I surprise them with some personal service, from an actual fully fledged web business, which is beyond expectations.

Sometime in business we need to be prepared to be ‘annoyed’ in order to ‘delight’

Startup blog says: Make yourself available.


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  1. Steve Hopkins

    It’s all good – I’m a fan of the open communications but it can all go bad. Someone on Thursday posted 5 ads on The Trading Post with my number on it, advertising a caravan, CRV, BMW and boat all for only $6000. Needless to say, I had about 50 calls over then next 48 hours.

    But, it’s over now. It was a hassel and I certainly did feel violated but it is still worth the price of being open and transparent in my communication with people.

    Just be careful is all 🙂

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