Dubai Series: Business trip tips

We all know it’s very important to have a keep a diary during business travels. We’ve got to keep the tax man happy.

So here’s what I realized on my current overseas trip. I can keep all the records I need during my normal daily business procedures without keeping a separate diary.

skype-logo twitter-logo

wordpress-logo iphone

The logos above, I love. Simply because they create time stamped digital footprints of the work I have done on my overseas trip.

Skype: Who I had chats with from the rentoid team, for how long, when and what was discussed.
WordPress: My ‘Global Marketing’ (subject I teach) research diary for Melbourne University, with insights found and relevant articles written.
Twitter: Staying in touch with rentoid members, chatting and sharing twitpics of ideas with strong marketing implications.

Of course most of the above are done on my iphone with also has the digital time stamps the Tax office requires.

It’s never been a more awesome time to travel on business. It’s easy to share ideas, and with these tools our diary doesn’t have to be a a labourious tax afterwards, but can be an interactive digital tool which is part of the fun during the trip.


3 Comments Dubai Series: Business trip tips

  1. James Sanders

    Hey Steve,

    What are your data roaming fees like on the iPhone or are you just using WiFi? I’m on Optus and data roaming is astronomical.


  2. Steve Sammartino

    Hey James,

    I’ve been using wifi, and a tiny bit of data roaming which is charged at 2 cents per kb….. crazy.

    The smart option is to buy T-mobile wifi hotspots access which is $29 for a month unlimited access or like $5 unlimited for a mobile device data roaming for a month. Incredible value… as it only is for wifi locations instead of cell network, so much cheaper and faster. But you gotta be in a hotspot – for which there are plenty in NYC.


  3. St Pancras on Business

    That was actually very useful, thank you. While I found it on a hotel search relating to business trips, I would not have thought to use some of these (especially Twitter I must say) as a record of my time there. I will be keeping that in mind next time!


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