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To do lists matter. In fact they matter a lot. The problem I find with always long to do lists is the that urgent always takes place of the important. And occasionally important projects fall off the agenda. They do this because they seem to live on the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.

This is why we must have a digital version of our to do list. Even if we are a pen an paper kind of person. As I am, which can be seen here, here and here.

The beauty of the digital to do list is the footprint lasts for ever. The important, but not urgent  items on the bottom of the list don’t need to be carried over with the pen. So they wont get lost in transition.

A good way to do it is to have a digital project list and an actual to do list for the day – that is, the items which you will certainly finish today. Remember, we can always add another item if we blow our own minds and finish all our tasks early.


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  1. Jim Vrckovski

    G’Day Steve, I’m a list person too. I’ve been using Things for Mac and iPhone ( I Think it’s brilliant because you can do a sync between the phone and the mac. I even use it to go shopping.

    I shouldn’t be telling you this because I’ll be missing out on your cool pics on Twitter if you digital 🙂

  2. Joel Brown

    I have just started using a to do list since Sunday. I am for the most part finding this exact problem. Each day i seem to be only getting about 1/3 of the things done, and then trying to make sure that i keep carrying them forward each day, is a half lost battle already just 4 or 5 days in.

  3. Click and Inc

    that’s a good idea. To do lists change so often and its great to have digital versions so they can be altered easily. I am not surprised why digital organizers became so popular. Thanks

  4. PM Hut

    An ancient yet proven way of handling to-do’s is to are email folders by priority. It does work, but can turn into chaos if you ignore it for a day or 2. It can be used efficiently for simple Project Management.

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