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Ok – so this is slightly off topic, but I’ll try and tie it in. Check out the photo I took below at a family shopping mall in Australia.

You’ll notice a couple of things:

Firstly ‘no licence is required’. Good news right?

Secondly it’s branded as the “John Rambo” knife. I’m sure there’s no licensing there either!

The thing that had me flumoxed is that people choose to make money by selling anything just to make a dollar. It still seems people will do whatever it takes to sell stuff, as opposed to selling or creating something which just might have a positive impact on our environment and the people around us.

Sure we need knives for some stuff – I just wonder if we really need knives designed for gutting wild bores advertised in a shop window of a family mall, 200 miles away from the nearest wild animal?

Start ups out there – Sell something cool.

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  1. James O'Donnell

    First things first. What is a FAMILY shopping mall? Is there a mall strictly for adults? Children? Teens? I doubt anyone else is offended by seeing a knife- something that is used to prepare FOOD.

    Secondly, I disagree with you have a crack at this store for stocking a memorabilia item. Certainly the ‘No Licence Required’ sign is unnerving, but this particular knife, and others like it would be extremely useful for survivalists and the like, and I’m sure that there are plenty within a 200 mile radius, just as there are plenty of wild animals.

  2. comando_co

    NOBODY requires a license to buy a knife!!! They mean that the buyer d not need a license to buy the knives. OBVIOUS if you want to buy a firearm, you have to show your driver license and pass the background screen!!

  3. Mr. Breen

    I can fully appreciate your horror at seeing a knife designed for gutting wild bores mere inches away from you, if only displayed in a shop window. For many of us, those knives simply don’t convey the same kind of personal menace you experienced, mainly because we aren’t bores. People find our conversational input entertaining and engaging; we’re invited to gatherings because of interest rather than courtesy or necessity and everyone implicitly understands a party won’t be a success unless we’re there!

    Bores, on the other hand, are, well… bores. They tend to be spineless pantywaists who have an irrational knee-jerk reaction at seeing replica movie memorabilia.

  4. John rambo

    I pretty sure if someone wants to buy a knife they would’ve had to show I’d , no license probably no knife license because some knifes and blades in Australia require a knife license

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