Brick walls

We were told that our business was a great idea. A super concept.

So we went for it.

Then we started work on the blue prints, and they looked great. Everyone said it was a sure thing.


So we built it.


Then once it was built everyone was in awe of how we took it from concept to reality. They told us we we’re sitting on a gold mine of potential, they starting asking us what life would be like when we made millions, if we’d still be their friends!

So we marketed it.

Then all new and potential customers loved it and told us how they’d buy it and tell everyone. sell it for us and keep coming back for more.


Then we realized there was a lot of brick walls between enthusiasm and reality. A lot of brick walls between a great idea, and that great idea becoming a great business.

There was a lot of brick walls. Walls which were hard to climb. Walls that almost ‘consumed us’ to the point of forgetting the easy, early days of enthusiasm.


These walls are put here to test us. They are asking us if we really want it. They are in fact our best friend. They make climbing over hard, and keep the pretenders out. Those who don’t really want it (maybe competitors?)

We ought thank the walls.

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  1. [email protected]

    Not only do these brick walls make us stronger – surpassing them represents our breaking down the barriers to entry that we hope will contain our competitors. So another way to look at it could be that as soon as you climb over a brick wall, you better learn some masonry skills to make that wall even taller!

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