Simple permission marketing – in action

You may recall a blog entry I did on Simple permission marketing. The basic premise being, if we have a startup which is ‘interesting’, it’s not difficult to get some good media coverage which is ‘content’ – not advertising.

In the spirit on practicing what one preaches, here’s a little summary of how we’ve achieved this for

* You can see the article for each by click on each listed below:

          The Leader Newspaper (metro ciculation)

          The Herald Sun Newspaper (biggest circulation in Australia)

          The Age Newspaper (most respected broadsheet in Australia)

          The Age – Livewire (web weekly of above)

          The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney’s broadsheet)

          ABC radio – National Public radio – interview

          The Australian Financial Review (Wall Street Journal of Aust)

          The Pod Cast Network – G’day world interview

          Multiple targeted magazines & blogs

Net cost of all this was zero. No PR firm, no dodgy deals. Just honest conversation with people about and what we are doing.

It works, but it takes 2 things: effort and a lot of follow up.

Try it for your start up, and let start up blog know how you go!

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