Come work with us – HQ

We need 6 cool, creative, awesome, caring, rad, personable, environmentally conscious, nerdy, opinionated, courageous, funny, intelligent, political, financially sound people to come and share the new rentoid HQ office with us.

It is the coolest place in the world to work – and suits people who live in Melbourne and or have private helicopters to fly from their location (Sorry we don’t have a helipad) – but we do have the coolest digs, in Melbourne grooviest inner city suburb (Yarraville) which has super terrific office benefits including, but not limited to the following:

  • Free pizza and Beers on Friday night
  • Cone of silence meeting room
  • Quite space & library
  • Wifi & all your tech needs
  • Cool cafes & restaurants on our door step
  • Sleeper pods
  • Access to our brains…

The cost if $150 a person for a long term commitment. Can’t beat it.

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Send me a tweet here if you’re interested – Can’t imagine the space being available for long.


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  1. sammutimer

    Oww sweet, I have passed this onto a few peeps looking! love the joint! It won’t last for long i’m sure!
    high fives
    Sam Mutimer

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