iphone apps & mini-preneurs

Got an idea for an iphone app you can’t find?

Great – there’s like a zillion iphone app developers waiting for your business right here, and here and here.


So write the brief for the app you want and can’t find, contact the developers and get it made. Get your itunes account up, choose a cheap ‘low barrier’ price, like a ‘dollar’ or so and sell that puppy. Remember it’s better to sell a $1 iphone app a lot of times than a a $5 or $10 one no times at all.

This micro-entrepreneurs opportunity is as simple as they come. Global distribution with an engaged audience – rare indeed. A classic ‘trend hijack’.

Go now – make it, sell it.


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  1. Xavier Shay

    I know there’s a few really smart Aussie developers doing a lot of iPhone work – if anyone wants a direct hookup drop me a line.

    (Sorry, that sounds like a recruitment ad – it’s just I don’t have contact details on hand right at this moment)

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