Needle in a haystack & websites

While thinking about web front page design, yesterday Cyber Guru Ross Hill had this to say:

“To find a needle in a haystack, one doesn’t have to burn the haystack, just make sure the needle lies on top of it.

If our people can’t find it. Then quite simply it isn’t there. It doesn’t exist, and they may not return. After all that hard work to get them here, that’d be a real shame.

This is why our homepage designs must rock

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  1. Brock Predovich

    I love a well designed page but I think the obvious and more important aspect of a webpage is not design but content, relevant content. This is what makes people come back. Craig’s List is a great example of this. Plus take a look at the average blog, nothing flashy but if the content is powerful it can drive tons of repeating traffic. I’m not an expert on this yet but trying to get there fast.

  2. Ross Hill

    Craigslist works really well because it delivers on design – design is separate to style. The homepage clearly lists the key categories and links to other cities and it is very easy to scan through and find what you want.

    Sure there are other sites that have better styles, but Craigslist has a great layout/design/architecture.

    Of course with any good website we are assuming there is some sort of compelling content there.

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