Hard Stuff or Easy Stuff?

Check out the following chart:

We can either,

1. do the easy stuff now.


2. do the hard stuff now.

Either choice ultimately leads to the opposite end of the spectrum over time. It’s the same for sport, business, scholarly pursuits, wealth creattion and entrepreneurs. Sure it’s easy to know, but ‘it’s equally easy to forget. When things aren’t going so well, or we are not getting the wins we want – maybe we should consider the chart above, and decide what we were doing a little while ago, and more importantly which tangent we want to be on in the future.

It’s our choice.

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  1. Sandra Arico

    Hey Steve!

    Interesting post – I love the chart because it’s so simple, yet a very true representation of choosing whether or not to do hard vs easy first. As I said to you just now on Twitter, I think that we all procrastinate sometimes – some of us more often than others. Personally, I think that I procrastinate less and have more of a drive and motivation to tackle the hard stuff and the easy stuff, when I’m doing something that I actually enjoy.

    So, my 2 cents would be – find something that you love doing and the choice won’t be so difficult 🙂

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