Only the lonely

There’s many emotions associated with being an entrepreneur – seldom discussed is the fact that it’s a lonely business.

If we can’t deal with being the guy in photo above, then we’d be better off in the office of conglomerate X.

No one knows, cares or even thinks about what we are doing until we’ve arrived. During the lonely journey we’ve got to stay busy, remain active and get out in the world. We’ve got to get out of the ‘lab’ work mobile and stay social. If we islotate ourselves too much during the ‘lonely’ evolution period, we risk losing the ability to make the cross over to ‘leader’ when our startup gains momentum.

5 Comments Only the lonely

  1. Luke McCormack

    Great post Steve! The lonely entrepreneur should also find other lonely entrepreneurs to socialise with, share ideas and trade war stories with… If you’re in Melbourne check out The Hive, a networking organisation perfect for the lonely entrepreneur!

  2. May

    It is a lonely journey…that’s why the unconditional support of a friend or two as one’s pillar of strength does wonders! 🙂

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