Game Changing

Sometimes we convince ourselves in the early days of our start up that the fun stuff is most important. Yes it’s seriously important, and it’s partly why we decided to leave the cubicle.


But the biggest reason we left cubiclesville was because we wanted to win. We wanted to do something, change something, prove something and achieve success which other corporate plankton couldn’t claim on our behalf.


That said, we ought ask ourselves this:


Is what we are doing Game Changing?


Will what we are spending investing our time on today be the thing that ensures we win the game in our web domain, category or industry?



Fact: When Youtube launched there was over 450 other video sharing websites. Youtube won video sharing for these reasons:


1.      They had the simplest user experience

2.      They had the most videos uploaded


That’s it.


So – are we investing our day on Game Changing activities, or just passing time?

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  1. May

    Basically, it takes guts to leave the safety and comfort of the “cubiclesvile” and not many who dare to take that risk 🙂

    You have a point there Steve, I think that one’s business has got to stand out amongst the rest. Again, I am always a firm believe that user friendliness is important in encouraging customers to return more than once!

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