‘Game changing’ – Nintendo Wii

If anyone ever needs proof that the market leader can be given lesson, Nintendo provides this.


From a brand which dominated the 1980’s with handheld games and fell into relative console obscurity during the 1990’s it’s comeback has been astounding as has the performance of the Wii.

And it’s all based on simple consumer insight:

“Games everyone can play”


A direct quote from their current advertising. Enough said. 




They are clear console market leader now in Australia. Overtaking the previously thought ‘unbeatable’ Sony Playstation franchise. No incumbent is ever safe. This maxim will only increase in relevance over time.

Often we build complexity into things because the technology allows it. We are better off focusing on what makes sense for the end user, not what’s possible.

Chris Anderson of Long Tail fame has been espousing for a long time that the future of gaming is not in the console, but the controls. He’s obviously ahead of his time.

Start up lesson: The offer with the best user experience, always beats the offer with the best technology.

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  1. Todd Dellagio

    Well it is quite simple to deduce the Nintendo’s success formula:

    Make a system that everyone can play as opposed to PS3 or XBox that only cater to a certain age group. I mean I love XBox and PS3 in their own way. Wii is special in its own way by being a system that you can play with your kids and family.

  2. dr.dre

    And its a gaming system which is immediately playable and intuitive. It’s a real example of not just thinking incrementally…

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