The passion of Jamie Oliver

Jamie has been coined as many things over the past few years including; jamie-2.jpgjamie-2.jpg


celebrity chef                                                       jamie-2.jpg


media personality

health & wellness lobbyist


Here’s another description to consider: Genuinely passionate person.  

He’s doing something he loves and believes in. He’s not faking it and there are no tricks.


We simply know this intuitively when we see him cook, eat and hear him talk. He exudes passion about food and everything to do with it. On top of this he uses his gift for good, such as his project Jamie’s School dinners, which you can check out by clicking here.

Here’s some quotes from Jamie himself:

I’ve seen kids with lunchboxes that contain half eaten McDonalds, a packet of crisps, and a can of red bull. That just makes me want to weep. That’s just like giving them a line of coke.”

“I’ll being doing school dinners for the next 10 years, if not th rest of my life”

“My view is that we’re all pretty spoilt now….but I think the best luxury in life comes from experience and knowledge, and I think that food and cooking are among the most important things out there for us to learn.”


Result: He’s respected. He’s in demand. He’s a business. He’s a brand.


Kudos Jamie.

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