Steve is Australia’s most respected futurist and media commentator on emerging technology.

He has spoken to over 200,000 people around the world in the past 2 years. Uniquely combining anthropology and technology, Steve will leave you excited about what the future holds.

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His new book – The Lessons School Forgot – is a survival manifesto for an era of Artificial Intelligence. Attend Book Launch

Steve knows it because he’s done it:

  • Wrote his first lines of computer code at age 10.
  • Built and sold his own technology startups.
  • Author of the best selling books, The Great Fragmentation & the Lessons School Forgot.
  • Advises Fortune 500 companies on technology strategy.
  • Technology reporter on ABC radio national – #Techtopia & This Week in Technology.
  • Consults for federal and state governments on building future-proof infrastructure.
  • Has gone viral – his Lego Car is one of the greatest tech hacker projects of all time!
  • Has written extensively on the topics of technology and business strategy.



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