Don't get too excited

I was in a business pitch which I thought went particularly well. My colleague and I were both quietly seeing this thing come to fruition after many months of development. After the meeting I was clearly excited and pointed out that I thought we’d nailed it and the deal would get done… He then pulled me up and said.

“Over my entrepreneurial and corporate career I’ve been in at least 150 of these meetings when it’s easy to think that it’s a done deal, and until it’s signed or the money is in the bank I don’t get too excited.”

This got me thinking. Of course, he was right. In most cases, the large majority in fact, the deal just doesn’t happen. That’s life in the pitching game. But if we don’t get excited by the possibility, and live in the moment, we are robbing ourselves of the journey. We are taking away 50% of the joy that goes with the unknown. Not just the result of winning, but the joy of anticipating the win before it happens. And if we fail, then it was all for nothing, and we miss out on all the pre-decision positive emotion.

The feeling that goes with a future which looks bright, is just as valuable as the reality of making it so. We ought embrace it.


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  1. Sam Sabey

    Nothing ever, ever happens in meetings (generally) I think we have all been there to know that.

    What I enjoy in meetings is making a “connection” with the people I may do business with in a sales meeting. I don’t do bull-wank meetings anymore – they are for the amateurs…

    I get excited when I have a qualified prospect with a proposal in the running.

    After that, if I’m lucky it will just become “work”.

    Sam, @samotage

  2. Jack M

    As an entrepreneur at a startup, you have to celebrate the small victories to keep you going. That rush after a pitch is definitely one to be embraced. But a little bit of realism helps your enthusiasm from getting you carried away.

    Building a startup is hard work, so embrace things like that when you can.

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