Dubai Series: You snooze, you ‘win’

These are starting to pop up in the better airports around the world. But every airport has the space for them in the international departure lounges. I’ve seen them in Singapore and now in Dubai International Airport as seen below:


They are just a cool idea which makes sense for ‘the people’. A classic ‘1 percenter’. When we are traveling for days at a time a little welcome relief on the ground or a stopover might just make us go through that airport on our next global trip, instead of that other one.


One comment

  1. Has it ever struck you as odd that after hours and hours of flying in a seated/reclined position we place so much value in whether we can then recline again once on the ground waiting to get on another flight were we recline??

    I personally place much more value on an airport having interesting shops/distractions
    and space to walk around.

    Having said that I love that there are free movies i one of the Singapore terminals, which is really silly given I can watch movies ad naseum when back on the plane…

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