Unlearn the upside-down thinking you were taught at school. Relearn that you are a born entrepreneur brimming with creativity, ready to take advantage of the technology revolution


We are all out there rolling the dice in a real-world game of Monopoly, yet very few of us have bothered to learn how to play. Not all money is created equal. Money follows certain rules and understanding these rules allows us to play the game better.


Learn the hacks to make yourself future proof, more so than any company you work for. Upgrade your software to make yourself more useful and more in demand in the workplace. Your success will depend on the effort you put in, relative to others.


Steve Sammartino

Steve Sammartino

Steve is one of Australia’s most respected futurists and business minds.

He is the best selling author of The Great Fragmentation. His new book ‘The Lessons School Forgot’ – is a manifesto on how to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

Steve has built and sold his own startup companies, and even created the worlds first drivable Lego car - a global viral hit. 

A media commentator Steve is a weekly contributor on the ABC and 3AW and provides expert assessment on the rapidly evolving technology sector, and its impact on business and society.

He advises Government and Fortune 500 companies the world over and has spoken to over 100,000 people on stage in the past 2 years. This is your chance to see him live, up close and talk about your future.

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