Brain exercise

As we have our brains constantly in the depths of our daily business issues, it’s easy to get stale. Just like our bodies, our brains need frequent and varied exercise to stay fit. There is only so many forecasts, sales calls, design iterations, cash flow statements, customer queries, deliveries, blog entries, product development meetings, WIP’s, administrative tasks… (insert daily business activity here) any sane person can handle…

Too much of this and we get a little stale. Sometimes we need to get into a new mind space. Today’s solution is simple. It involves the body and the mind.Take 5 to do this:

Learn how to and build the worlds best paper airplane. Then go outside the office and fly it.

Even better do it off a balcony. The pic is below & and instructional video link is under it.

Paper airplane

I also found this video of how to make the airplane above with simple easy to follow instructions.

Instructions link.

Free your mind…. then get back to work!