Tech Pop Quiz

Friday fun has been turned into a Tech Pop Quiz. So here is 20 questions on just that Рall of which you could find very quickly on-line, but rather than cheat, why not answer them without checking and see how many  you really know.

Leave the answers in the comments section and who ever gets the most will win one of these which I will send via mail to you personally.

Good Luck.

    1. What year was the internet (defined as 2 computers sending and receiving data to each other) first get used?
    2. Who was the inventor of the World Wide Web – WWW?
    3. What year was the World Wide Web opened up to all forms of commerce?
    4. What was the name of the first web browser with a graphical user interface?
    5. What year was the first phone call made from a mobile / cellular phone on a cellular network?
    6. Which company made this phone call?
    7. Name the first commercially available programmable personal computer?
    8. Who was the co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates?
    9. What year was facebook launched?
    10. What year was Moore’s law first promulgated?
    11. Which company invented the first computer mouse?
    12. Which company has a higher market value of these two Amazon or Ebay?
    13. What year was the first .com address registered?
    14. What was the name of this .com address?
    15. What does the acronym NASDAQ stand for?
    16. Does the NASDAQ have a higher or lower valuation now, than it did in the year 2000?
    17. In USD what price did Google pay for Youtube?
    18. What year was Google launched?
    19. According to technorati, what is the number 1 blog in the world?
    20. Who is the founder of Amazon?


Brand Play

I am seriously in love with the Google maps 8 bit – bit for April fools day. So much so, that immediately after I write this post I will be going to Google maps to get my street and suburb (Yarraville) in screen shots in their 8 Bit version. You should too.

And by the way – brands that know how to play are brands that win. Especially in a startup world.



Brands that have fun – Toyota Prius

There’s something about brands that know how to have fun. I reckon the Toyota Prius fits in this category. Their recent advertisement asking the crowd to work out the plural version of the word Prius is very catchy. (I’m a long time jingle lover). It’s also a cool way to build some anticipation and awareness of the new range


Is your brand having fun?



Notes Page – Make it rad

As you know I’m running my startup school in Melbourne this weekend. we all know that boring stuff really sucks, so why do ‘note’s pages’ have to be boring as well. No reason. But every time I see a great presentation with excellent stimulous, there’s usually a blank page with no stimulous to write on. Not at startup school. Here’s our rad notes page below….

Cool notes page

It’s not too late to join us if you’re not doing anything this weekend and are in Melbourne – come along.



Unexpectedly Awesome – BBC

Sometimes it’s worth being even just a little bit awesome. We don’t need to change the world, maybe just having a little bit of public fun is enough. The usually conservative BBC did that for me today when I realised the following: The BBC video player has a volume which goes to 11.

It’s what I call unexpectedly awesome. I was delighted. So much that I’ve linked here to little video of Warren Buffett being interviewed. Upon which you can learn something and also pump the volume up to 11.

Startups – do something a little bit awesome.