The power of bad decisions

A bad decision is better than no decision. Yep, I’d rather get it wrong than suffer from inertia. I  will point out that I’m talking here about non life threading concepts, or decisions which could lead to total financial disaster. But generally, most the of the decisions we need to make personally, in business and startups fall into neither of these categories.

The power of a bad decision is the real world feedback they provide. They allows us to cross one of the possibilities off the list. Not doing anything or procrastinating on a choice is the enemy of momentum. And momentum is game winning.

I can recall working in large companies and how often they’d research the daylight out of ideas. I’m certain they did this to avoiding making a call. Managers making sure they remove accountability from themselves… they could use research to save their ass. In this decision time they could’ve tried multiple activities, and instead choose to pontificate on the possibilities. A decision on the other hand would uncover what actually works, save money on research and opportunity cost. The final irony being the majority of these slow corporate decisions still turned out to be wrong.

So in the spirit of new beginnings for a new year – I say embrace bad decisions. Ultimately they will lead us to the right ones.


Decision intertia

I was having an interesting discussion with a colleague Cris Pearson (founder of Skitch & Comic Life) about pricing models on the web – as soon I’ll be changing the rentoid model.

I asked his some advice and his response was so simple it is till ringing in my ears.He said;

The more choices you give consumers, the less likely they are to do any anything.

Cross road decisions

He then went on to say ‘choose a price’ not multiple options, to avoid decision inertia. The question for startups is – what complexity barriers have we created which stop our people from buying from us?