The Jesus moment

One thing we need to build into our startups is the Jesus moment. We have to have one.

Startup blog definition:

Jesus moment: One thing which makes our people come back another time.

it’s got to be so compelling, that can’t refuse to check us out again. it’s not usually a whole bunch of things, rather a single thing we do better which makes us worthy. It’s why they’ll switch to us. it’s what we are focused on.

Brand which have the Jesus moment built it, invariably do better and live longer. It may not be there when we launch, but it must be what we are striving for.


Invested customers

Something strange happened when I updated my preferred twitter iphone app ‘Twitterific’.

The default twitter photo application changed from to

Here’s the problem: As a customer (albeit non paying) I am hugely invested in twitpic as an application. I already have well over 100 photos of my digital life, ideas, observations and witty comments live in twitpic. Whenever I take a new pic and post it to twitter I’m hoping people will browse through some of my other cool photos, ideas and adventures. My personal brand depends on a consistent distribution channel. Which in this case was and ‘is’ twit pic. Not Yfrog. I can’t have a ‘fragmented effort’.

Twitpic home page

Once I found out I could change the preferences for pics in the twitterific app, I did so immediately. Even though there was some effort and research involved. I did this because I am ‘invested in Twitpic’. I don’t want to start again. I don’t want to lose my old pics. I don’t want to lose my compound effort. I don’t want my digital stuff to get lost. I don’t want to lose my fans. The switching costs are too high for me.

The question for start ups and webpreneurs is how do we get our customers invested in our stuff?