the Collective Age

We are entering the Collective Age. Connections are circumventing traditional systems. An age of horizontal eco systems that disrupt the top down Industrial era. An age we’re we will not be governed for long. An age where the owners of the factors of production are desperate for our input and use of these idle resources. An age where we don’t vote and hope, rather where we collaborate and create. An age where every garage will become a factory – via innovations like 3D printing and sharing designs of stuff on-line. An age where National Government data is being handed back to us so we can mash it up and create software applications to run our cities and countries better than they ever could. An era were we can use digital communications to organise ourselves in real time…. and change our landscape before the bureaucrats have time to realise what has happened.

Technology is facilitating emergence, we are finally becoming one organism that serves the collective.

In fact, this hasn’t happened yet. And it may not happen if we let it pass us by – the question for entrepreneurs is how will we embrace this opportunity for revolution to create the actual world we want to live in?




A Collaboration Conversation

Rachel Botsman is in town this week as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week but more importantly to spread the good word on her book on the new world order of Collaborative ConsumptionWhat’s mine is yours. Rachel contends that the 20th century was all about Hyper Consumption, while the 21st century will be all about collaborative consumption – and I couldn’t agree more!

In order to bring the uninitiated up to speed we are having a Collaborative Conversation with founders of collaborative businesses. This will include Daniel Noble of Drive my Car, Julliette Anich of the Clothing Exchange and myself –

I really think it will be a great evening with lots of fresh ideas, because to be quite honest the collaborative economy is only really starting. At the end of the forum there will be a Pop Up Swap where anyone can bring up to 6 items to swap with anyone else – so we’ll be crossing the virtual sharing chasm into the physical one.

Click here to get a ticket – and come up and say hello.



Be part of something

When I started a 5 years ago I had no idea it would grow into something much bigger. In fact, the entire industry has been written about by Rachel Botsman in her upcoming book “What’s mine is yours“. She coined the phrase Collaborative Consumption to describe what is happening in our hyper connected world. Rentoid is featured in the book and this little video below, which makes me a bit proud.


It’s cool to launch a startup to make money. It’s cooler to be part of something bigger than your startup.