2 minutes of Screen Culture

Our lives are increasingly being influenced by what I like to call ‘Screen Culture’. Which I posted a piece on here. I thought it would be worth showing the idea in action – hence the video I made below. Many of the statistics to support the concept were garnered through ‘Eye on Australia‘ which is an annual Grey Advertising study on consumer sentiment. The video explores the impact screens are having on our lives in the geographically specific & connected world. Enjoy!



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  1. Steve Sammartino

    No no, it was all above board and she willingly played an acting role for it with the iPad. I thought it was very convincing from the Hsuen-ster – maybe a new career on the screen awaits?


  2. B. Yah

    brilliant job communicating the momentum of the movement. Lets email this to gerry harvey.

    byah25 (via Youtube)

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