Brain clutter

Our brain is programmed to collate, categorise, and organise all it sees and hears. It does it without us even realising it. If you’re finding it hard to generate new thoughts then try this:

Clean out your living and work space

Make your physical space minimalist

Allow things around you to be as bare as possible.

When our brain has less stuff to organise and work on, it can wander and imagine. When it has space, it can invent concepts and cool ideas simply because it has the RAM (unsued processing capacity) available to do it.


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  1. John Calabro

    Interesting – at risk of sounding a little gross, I’ve been thinking lately about why it is I come up with so many ideas when I’m sitting on the throne 🙂 haha – it is because that environment/room is totally empty, creating a clean headspace to let ideas settle. The other place I get this type of clarity is when in large art galleries… Might be a long bow to draw, but the common factor is that a bit of silence and alone time in an empty space does do wonders 😉

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