And now it’s in print

I caught up with all round good guy Ned Dwyer yesterday. We chatted about many things, of which the top of the list was the recent launch of “And now it’s in print.” A project Ned is heavily involved with. Let me just say this. It’s one of my favourite startups this year. The world over. For many reasons, but here’s one:

I asked Ned what the business model was, and this was his reply:

“It’s too important to have a business model. We decided instead to just make something awesome and see what happens”

That’s it my friends, the startup ethic we all need to aspire to. Doing it because it matters.

A couple of other smart ideas entrepreneurs can take note of.

– They limited their production run to 500 copies (invent demand through limiting supply)

– All the articles and visuals are from content they found on line (blending off line & on line worlds)

– The idea was borrowed from South by Southwest (share ideas, re-interpret)

– They proved print can still be awesome. (Print isn’t dead, print industry management is brain dead)

– They set themselves an impossible launch deadline, and made it. (Don’t think too much, get it out there)

Kudos from me.

Some fun pics from the launch here. More info here:


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  1. Ned Dwyer

    Thanks a lot for the shout out Steve, much appreciated and humbled to be put up on the Startup Blog.

    The great thing for me with And Now It’s In Print was the emphasis on making something right over making something with a business model. We bounced around a few different ideas right at the start about how to monetize it but realised that content (and design) was king – if we could get those parts right we would work out the money later.

    In pre-orders we ended up selling out 10% of the run proving that there is interest in paying for the content even though we distributed it at the launch party for free.

    Keep an eye on or follow me on Twitter at to find out about our next awesome project.


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