the cool thing about blogging

I’ve had to very quickly pull together a social media straetgy for a project I am working on. The timeline I had was a few hours. I’m certain that only due to the fact that I’ve been an avid blogger for a few years was I able to meet the deadline. Blogging creates great habits. It forces us to consider our chosen topic deeply and regularly. (startups & marketing in my case) It forces us to respond to our ideas quickly, to trust their value and publish them anyway, before tomorrow comes. It’s a personal newspaper and our readers want to know what’s new everyday. They’re not looking for perfection, but inspiration.

Whatver we do, are interested in and regardless of our industry, blogging is a must for those of us wanting to get better and faster.


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  1. The Blog Designer

    Well thought out post Steve. I tend to agree with you. Funny enough it’s not something that i’ve ever seen anyone note (whether in a blog or not).

    Blogging in a way returns us back to being academic, thinking deeply about issues instead of relying on what we already understand.

  2. Hunter

    I am stealing your “They’re not looking for perfection, but inspiration.” quote and posting it above my desk. I’ve worked in advertising for several years and it just dawned on me that this is exactly what clients want too. I am awfully perfectionistic and can honestly say that it is my greatest weakness. My problem is that I often justify it as an asset.

    This is my first visit to your blog. Thanks for the epiphany.

  3. marketingheart

    Hmmmmm in the interests of ‘wanting to get better’ do you think that ‘a few hours’ to come up with a strategy of any kind (hell, even a social media strategy) is an appropriate turnaround? Yes, blogging encourages quick thinking, but isn’t better for our industry to resist this kind of thinking in favour of deep thinking.

  4. Steve Sammartino

    Well that’s the point. The strategy wasn’t turned around in a few hours… it was really turned around in 15 years of study, knowledge and application. Don’t confuse speed of results, with years of practice and preparation. Best you read this:


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