Twitter Lists – inauthentic

If you’re on twitter you have probably noticed the new addition of lists to your feed. Which is the ability to create and follow lists of specific people. Cool idea, which many twitter clients like Tweetdeck had implemented a long time ago. What is not so cool, is the inference that it is purported to only be available to a limited group. If you look at the screen grab below (highlight in orange boxes) you’ll see such claims.

twitter lists interface

I understand why they’ve used such language; to make users feel exclusive, and to essentially make people tweet about it – the antithesis of what they claim to want. But I’m a bit disappointed that the crew at twitter would use such low ball, inauthentic tactics. I say this because everyone I know with 10 to 10,000 followers has been invited to lists.

Startup blog says – stay true.

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  1. Ross Hill

    Yeah I agree the language is not ideal. It’s available to a small group that is getting larger, but they should know that they can’t stop people from talking about it and that really there is no point attempting to…

    I’m curious how it will be received and whether people will follow less people (more mob mentality) and have more lists? Or whether people will keep their insanely high following numbers while adding lists to the mix and getting complete overload!

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